Homework Task Week 6 Due 1st September. Oh for some sun!


Over the next week take a screen capture of the reading for Greensborough showing information about the sun for that day.

Scroll down the link to the table showing information about Greensborough for the whole month of August.

Write 5 statements using the information from the table.

Perhaps you notice something about the sunrise/ sunset times.

Moon phases- use link below. There is a lot of information on this site for you to link to and write statements about.


Maybe you can see what is happening to the length of our day?

If you forget to screen capture each day then use the information from the table.


Extension-  graph your information

You could research the shortest day/ longest day.

SPELLODROME- see your teacher for your word list focus this week

MATHLETICS- continue to work through your assigned tasks.


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