homework- week 8

Preparing for a disaster.

Listening and speaking task.

Use your iPad to record an alert for a disaster of your choice. FIRE, FLOOD, STORM, EARTHQUAKE, TSUNAMI, THUNDERSTORM ASTHMA OR EXTREME HEAT.

Use this link for the information you will need to record for your emergency update.



Your recording is to be 1-2 minutes long. Make sure it answers the following:-

What do you need to do to be safe?

What should you take with you?

Where should you go?

You will be playing your recording to your class.

You will be assessed on your information and the way you have presented it to an audience.

Work from a script, speak clearly, make it interesting. Watch the following clip for some ideas. Maybe you can get your family to help you with your presentation.




2. Spellodrome- fill your spellometer- spelling focus for the week will be PREFIX – UN

Complete the activities for this wordlist.

3. Complete Mathletics tasks of your choice.


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