Homework week 9 -The cost of natural disasters

Well done on the emergency evacuation movies made for last week’s homework task.

The peer reviews were quite accurate and often gave constructive feedback to the presenter. There were some outstanding movies that used the information from the homework blog, and some that could have been scripted and researched. Which one were you???????



This information is in table format. (Note- this information is from 2011)

Use your iPad (numbers)- as you were shown in class to make graphs that show the different amounts spent on natural disasters by the states and territories of Australia. REMEMBER- these numbers are to be read as millions.


(This is a template on your NUMBERS app. You can change the heading, labels and numbers to match the homework table on disasters.)


Your homework task WAS to make a simple graph showing the $$$$ spent, however once you all started playing around with the App NUMBERS, you blew me away with what you all discovered.

So now I have seen INTERACTIVE GRAPHS, BUBBLE GRAPHS, INTERACTIVE BUBBLE GRAPHS, DOUGHNUT GRAPHS…………….. the possibility is amazing. I am changing the homework to ask you to present the information in any way  (or numerous ways ) you like.  You can screen capture your graphs and add them to a document with your made up questions.


Looking at the table again and make up 3 questions to ask your classmates.

EXTENSION- Research some natural disasters in Australia in 2011 and you may discover why so much money was spent by some states and territories (or no money at all.)



Do you think……….?

Just because you ask the questions, doesn’t always mean you need to know the answers. Your question can open up a class discussion. Even better, you may have discussed it with your family or researched your answer.

Good luck and don’t forget to send your best wished to the Queen.


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