When will we ever need to use fractions? Well if you are following a recipe and need to make adjustments to feed all of your guests, then your fraction knowledge will come in very handy.

Or…………. get onto NUMBERS on your iPad and selection the RECIPE template.

What you see is a recipe template for pasta. You will have played around with this template in class this week so you will be aware of the units of measurement and how to change the ingredients.

Your homework task for this week is to open up a NEW RECIPE TEMPLATE FROM NUMBERS.

Type in a family favourite recipe and screen shot the different amounts required for at least 4 different numbers of guests.

You will be sharing your work with the class on Friday so come prepared.

EXTENSION- if your parents are happy for you to do some REAL maths, you may get a chance to prepare your recipe for your family. Take photos of the results if you do.

Here are some I prepared earlier, (or stole from Pinterest).

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