Take a chance…. it’s just a game

What board games do you like to play? Think about all of the board games you play that may involve cards, dice, boards,winners and losers.

Go onto Google images and collect as many images as you can (min 10)  showing a range of board games that you can play.

eg- Monopoly, Connect4………

Now arrange those images into a venn diagram showing games that involve chance and those that involve strategy. Perhaps they will sit in the middle because they involve both- you can use an app of your choice to drag your images into.


The chocolate game- don’t get too excited (there isn’t any chocolate today.)


Using a 6 sided dice- roll the dice 30 times and record your throws using a table and tally- draw one up on a whiteboard and take a photo- using your maths grid book make a column graph.


rule up your column graph with care

think about your increments (spacings)

start your graph at zero

label your graph (below is an example)

Recording the maths-  out of 30 throws how many were 1,2,3,4,5,6?-  (write as a fraction)

Think about the rules for your own Natural Disasters game- type up the rules to print and stick onto the back of your game.

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