Monday 10th December

Morning everyone,

A busy day is planned for you so I will make this post brief.

1. 2018. Using Inspiration make bubbles for the different events that have made the news this year. Write a ‘headline’ for each bubble and a brief description of the event. You can add an image if appropriate. You can use the ‘superquiz’ to help you with your bubbles. You will need to watch BTN on your own iPads and pause the program as you record

each event.


This afternoon you will work on your Christmas book for your buddy. Think about ‘quality, not quantity’.

You will be drawing your illustrations, not using images from Google! Your book will be read by your buddy and their families so be sure you edit carefully and set a good example.



Some things to remember…..

Have you brought back your camp notes?

Get your Christmas raffle tickets back and something for our class hamper if possible.

Remind your parents we are looking for helpers for the Family Fun Night next year, you took home a note late week.


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